Art in Space and Time


Art in Space and Time is a team of artists and researchers who are informed from different parts of the world. The Chair is the meeting space of our thoughts and experiences.

We are deeply committed to a heterogeneity of sites and sources to build a sense of a plural world. The flux of our times needs to be addressed with an extended approach, which acknowledges and grows along new (and old) global and planetary axes.

This is why our research fields are diverse and multi-disciplinary. They range and cross from urban anthropology to artistic practices: film, sculpture, sound, writing, digital arts, performance. They include and intersect with language, political discourses, and the investigations of the human environment: landscape, cityscape, soundscape, artscape.

At the center of our teaching is agency building for the students. In this respect, we are guiding them through enticing and/or mobilizing questions, such as:

How can one’s personality develop by thinking creatively and alternatively?

How does one find one’s place and language in the field of art in architecture and science?

What happens when systems fail?

How do we build up resilience in these fast-paced times?

Theory and practice, poetic and analytical explorations, collective discussion and experiment are some of the tools we want to share.